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Some Features in Medisoft Version 12:

Final Draft

The Final Draft product helps practices and billing services create and store documents within Medisoft.  These documents can and should be tied to specific charts.  Final Draft gives users the ability to design and create specific templates for documents frequently used in the practice.  Examples of such templates are: payment agreements, past-due notices, welcome letters, and insurance appeal letters just to name a few.  Final draft allows users to merge data from Medisoft into these templates.   

Global Login

In all prior versions of Medisoft, users were required to supply a username and password to enter a given dataset.  The Global Login (GLI) feature turbo-charges this functionality and acts, primarily, as a “gatekeeper” controlling where users can go.  This feature works with the current security and permissions that controls what users can do. 

Once the Global Login is set up in Program Options, a single user may access multiple practices without having to login to each dataset separately.   

Hide Inactive/Closed Records Overview 

This feature is versatile in that there are always situations that we need to see or find something that we ordinarily don’t want to see.  By just right-clicking when in any of the lists named below, there is an option to Show Inactive Records.   This option refreshes the grid to include all records.

This option is not remembered the next time the user opens the list window.  If for any reason users decide they want to inactivate the option, they can simply go back to Program Option and deselect Hide Inactive/Closed Records. 

Reschedule Appointments 

Rescheduling appointments was made easier by using the Wait Feature. The user double clicks on appointment then clicks on reschedule. Medisoft asks if the user would like to use the Wait List to find an open time slot. By clicking yes, the rescheduled appointment is moved into the Wait List where you can search for the next available appointment in a day and time range.  The user can choose ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Retry’ for next available. The system will then schedule the appointment. 

Workflow Administrator 

This NEW feature allows your practices to set up their own way of managing their processes – very similar to Outlook Tasks!

Available areas are:

Transaction Entry                       Claim Management              Claim Edit

Statement Management            Statement Edit                      Eligibility Single

Eligibility Batch                           Appointment List                  Appointment Edit

Patient List                                  Patient Edit                           Case Edit

CPT List                                      Diagnosis List                      Diagnosis Edit

Provider Edit                               Provider List                         Referring Provider Address List    

Address Edit                              Patient Recall Entry              Quick Ledger               

Deposit Entry

Medisoft v12 is NPI complaint. Upgrade now to ensure NPI compliancy and save time and money.

These are just some of the many features that Medisoft Version 12 has. Call Easy Business Software to find out more and pricing on the MediSoft Version 12!

Medisoft 12 Service Pack 2 Download Now Available!

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